Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

During the coronavirus outbreak we are here to provide support for those who are self-isolating or anxious about the impact of the virus on themselves and their families and loved ones. We will be providing brief, targeted interventions as well as providing resources and signposting where appropriate.

This Covid-19 related support will be in addition to continuing to provide support for people with problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia, and we will continue to accept referrals and offer support. We are providing brief focused interventions to people by telephone or video call and the option of online treatments.

If your mental health deteriorates or if you experience any thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please contact the CNWL Single Point of Access Crisis Team on 0800 0234 650 or the Samaritans for free on 116 123.

Brent Courses, Workshops & Events

These are a great way of meeting others facing the same difficulties as you, and give you an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. They also can enable you to learn more beneficial techniques over a short period time, and the time to practice these techniques at your own pace and with the support of others before practicing them alone.

The Brent Talking Therapies Service offers the following courses, workshops and events. Please contact the Talking Therapies service to be referred. Entry into a group is subject to assessment and availability.

One-off Workshops

  • Sleep
    This is a one off workshop for clients who have some form of sleeping difficulty. It is designed as an enhancement to one-to-one treatment rather than a treatment in its own right. It would not be suitable for long standing sleeping difficulties or clients presenting with symptoms of insomnia, sleep apnoea, or narcolepsy for example.
  • Staying Well
    This is a one off relapse prevention session helping attendees to consolidate their learning, recognise early warning signs of becoming unwell again and learn how to maintain their progress. The session is for those who have completed treatment at step 2 or step 3.

Multi-Session Workshops

  • MoodTools
    Moodtools is designed to help people manage symptoms of anxiety and depression.  The course starts with an introduction to CBT and helps clients to understand anxiety and depression. Throughout the course attendees will learn techniques such as behavioural activation, cognitive restructuring, worry, exposure therapy, relaxation, and sleep hygiene. This is not a therapy group and clients will not be asked to contribute personal testaments throughout the sessions. The material is taught using a powerpoint presentation and is supported by workbooks.
  • Overcoming Panic
    As the name suggests, this group is aimed at helping those with panic (with or without agoraphobia). Attendees will learn about the fight/flight response and the role of safety behaviours. Guided self-help techniques such as exposure therapy, cognitive restructuring, and behavioural experiments will all be covered.
  • Stress
    This group is for individuals who are suffering from either stress or worry that is due to demands in their life. Attendees will learn about stress and its effects on the body, relaxation, healthy work life balance with routine, assertiveness, sleep hygiene, worry techniques and thinking errors amongst other things. Attendees must be aware they are suffering from stress, accepts this and have an understanding of what they are stressed about. There must be an absence of co-morbid disorders that would render the treatment insufficient e.g. moderate to server depression or anxiety disorders.
  • Introduction to Talking Therapies
    Introduction to talking therapies workshop is designed to provide you with an understanding of what talking therapies are and what they entail. It can be seen as a foundation to your treatment to help you plan your journey towards recovery and help you identify your goals for therapy. This group is designed to be a preliminary introduction to what we offer in the service prior to having further treatment.